This course has duration of 6 months with 72 classes. The topics covered in this course are:

  • Drawing/ Confident Lines/ Out lining
  • Still Life ( only drawing)
  • Learning tones and techniques (pencil shading)
  • Colour theory and techniques (oil pastels or colour pencil)
  • Study of architectural buildings.
  • Head and Feet of various animals and birds.
  • Human Anatomy Part by part study.
  • Water colours
    • Colour theory
    • Variation of tones
    • Landscapes
    • Floral studies

This course covers advanced technique in addition to the basics. This course teaches human anatomy through part by part study, so that the student artist can learn it in detail. This course also introduces to water colour as a medium in detail. Water colour painting medium being the toughest yet easiest to understand, this course goes into every detail of the medium so that the student artist can understand the medium in detail.

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