About Us

ReIGNITE school of passion, just as the name suggests ignites the passion of art in you. Not just any art school, but ReIGNITE stands out for its perfection, dedication and passion to awaken the true artist in you.

ReIGNITE doesn’t approach art as a subject but a concept to be guided from within you. Every artist has their own styles, technique and imagination because of which they are never like the other.

ReIGNITE knows and acknowledge this fact to the core. Every art student is thereby guided separately by individual artist mentors. This method not just help the young budding artist evolve in their personalized unique way, but also become confident in themselves about their creations and more. ReIGNITE believes art doesn’t have a confinement of age at all. We have always been open to all art lovers from babies who scribble colours to elderly who had forgotten their love for art once upon a time. ReIGNITE always looks forward to reignite the spark of passion for art in an un-proclaimed artist and help them spawn into their best creations. It’s an art in itself, is what we believe. Time is another aspect ReIGNITE chooses to be flexible on. No artist can be artistic at a particular time provided. Art is like an emotion, free of any restriction or confinement and should be allowed to flow as and when it desires. Therefore, ReIGNITE is open to all the student artists to choose their flexible timings when they desire to.

ReIGNITE does not believe in conducting tests or exams. We assess the ability of the students by conducting competitions which the student artists find to be fun-filled and participate enthusiastically.

ReIGNITE truly protects the freewill and uniqueness of our student artist while helping them nurture.

Founder’s Profile

Mrs. Shole Madhusudhanan, a Well-Respected Teacher & Artist with great observation skills with an ability to brilliantly transform her perspectives on the canvas founded ReIGNITE School of Passion in 2012. She always had a passion for colours and since childhood, she wanted to do wonders with it. Her mother’s encouragement on every good picture she drew fuelled her dream. As she grew she realized her ability to teach and decided to start an Institution for Passionate Individuals.


Art for all: how ReIGNITE School of Passion has taught art to 5,000 students, and exhibited their works in India and Dubai

ReIGNITE School of Passion is hosting the ninth edition of its Vista art exhibition this weekend at Bengaluru’s Rangoli Metro Arts Centre, featuring over 200 paintings by 100 student artists. Located near the MG Road Metro Station, the art centre also has a range of upcycled art from electronic components and wires, and has emerged over the years as a popular hub for theatre, music, dance, art, and design. “The vision of ReIGNITE School of Passion is making people live their passion,” explains artist and art teacher Shole Madhusudhanan, in a chat with YourStory. She founded the school in 2011, and has brought her childhood passion for colours to a much larger audience.

Read more at: https://yourstory.com/2020/01/ignite-school-passion-art-shole-madhusudhanan


ReIGNITE started with two teachers a handful of artist students from different age groups. In a matter of few months, ReIGNITE evolved as the talk-of-the-neighbourhood for its professional training and improvement in their students’ art skills.

Within few years of Inception, ReIGNITE has mentored and facilitated more than 10,000 happy artist students, among whom most of them are pursuing their artistic dreams in flying colours.

Presently ReIGNITE has 10 teachers and 300+ happy artist students every month. Till date ReIGNITE has successfully conducted 18+ exhibitions and 2 international exhibitions.

Celebrating Art

ReIGNITE celebrates most regional, national and global festivals collaborating them with colours and art, thereby making the ReIGNITE student artists emotionally connect to the colours not just learn about them.


ReIGNITE’s mission is to bring out the artist in you. ReIGNITE will continue to encourage children, adults and elderly alike to pursue their passion for art. Every single technique we know, is taught to our student artists for them to use it to their benefits. ReIGNITE will continue to provide a platform to display the skills of its students through exhibitions and events on a regular basis.


ReIGNITE believes that Art is not just a medium of expression but can also help to connect to one’s “Self”. By spreading art around, we want people to understand the true beauty and ability of art and express themselves through their paintings. We want to bring to the world expert artists and art teachers who can further help in spreading the passion of art around. We want people who have stayed away from their passion due to materialistic life, to come back to art and feel complete.

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