About Us

ReIGNITE school of passion, just as the name suggests ignites the passion of art in you. Not just any art school, but ReIGNITE stands out for its perfection, dedication and passion to awaken the true artist in you.

“ReIGNITE your passion for Art” is an empowering invitation to rediscover the spark that fuels your creative soul. It’s a reminder that creativity knows no bounds and can be reignited at any stage of life.

At ReIGNITE, we strongly believe that “Age is just a number” which signifies that one’s true value isn’t determined by their age but by their experiences, accomplishments, and enthusiasm for life’s possibilities. There is no right age, to start learning any new skill. That is precisely why our courses are designed to address the creative appetite of every individual irrespective of their Age.

Through exploration, experimentation, and expression, you can break through creative blocks, discover new mediums, and find inspiration in unexpected places.

Focusing on Art-as-a-Therapy, ReIGNITE has travelled this journey of over a decade, embracing the transformative power of art to heal, uplift, and invigorate. Special Children and people with Special needs, find Art Courses at ReIGNITE as a blessing, where they are encouraged to embrace their artistic journey with renewed fervor, leading to a deeper connection with their own creativity and the world around them.

Founder’s Profile

As a Passionate Entrepreneur, Shole Madhusudhanan has made a huge difference in many lives by making Art, accessible to all. Her passion to Art and Teaching has created thousands of artists over last ONE DECADE. Students from different walks of life, different age groups and cultural back grounds, different psychological conditions have found solace in learning art from the institution, ReIGNITE School of Passion, founded by Shole.

Breaking the barrier of age, Shole has been encouraging students from 5 years to 75 years to start the process of learning, irrespective of the age. For Shole, age is just a number and there is no restriction to start the learning process.

As an Artist, Shole keeps creating master pieces in various medium including Water Color, Oil Pastels, Acrylic, Pencil to name a few. Shole is always fascinated by brilliant colors that reflect energy & enthusiasm.

Art-as-a-Therapy, practiced by Shole has touched the lives of many individuals who reinvent themselves when they start learning and get immersed in making beautiful pieces of Art. Students with Psychological challenges such as Autism, Depression, Schizophrenia are given a special care and constant engagement with art has helped them find an improvement in their condition, as shared their parents / Guardians.

Shole Madhusudhanan

Celebrating Art

We Celebrate Art with joyous tributes to human creativity. Our activities embraces diverse expressions, from traditional to contemporary, showcasing the beauty of imagination. Through exhibitions, workshops, and collaborations, ReIGNITE fosters a vibrant cultural tapestry, connecting individuals and communities in a shared appreciation for the artistic journey.


ReIGNITE’s mission is to bring out the artist in you. ReIGNITE will continue to encourage children, adults and elderly alike to pursue their passion for art. Every single technique we know, is taught to our student artists for them to use it to their benefits. ReIGNITE will continue to provide a platform to display the skills of its students through exhibitions and events on a regular basis.


ReIGNITE believes that Art is not just a medium of expression but can also help to connect to one’s “Self”. By spreading art around, we want people to understand the true beauty and ability of art and express themselves through their paintings. We want to bring to the world expert artists and art teachers who can further help in spreading the passion of art around. We want people who have stayed away from their passion due to materialistic life, to come back to art and feel complete.

Our Journey

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