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A passion for many when pursued, gives deepest sense of satisfaction and a spiritual experience of connecting to self.

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ReIGNITE School of Passion

An Art School for Passionate individuals.

We provide a great platform irrespective of your age to unlearn and learn. We provide the tools & techniques to learn art from being a Beginner to becoming a Professional. We Teach Visual Art. Be it Water Color, Acrylic, Color Pencil, Oil Pastel, Oil Color, Pencil Shading to name a few.


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Ms. Sangeetha

"My daughter joined IGNITE one month before. I was totally surprisedby the way they brought out my daughter 's drawing talent into papers. Their dedication to art is amazing and the exposure for the students and elders we get in Ignite is really very good. Wish them more success on their contribution to art , happy that I and my daughter being part of IGNITE family !!"

Ms. Madhuri Praveen

"IGNITE is the best thing that has happened to me. I have become confident in my artworks and teachers are so encouraging and friendly. There is something to learn in every class , I feel positive and happy to attend the classes. I am very thankful that I got the opportunity to meet wonderful people through IGNITE. Thank you for the support!!"

Ms. Anusha

"The methodology used at ignite helps the students gain confidence. I am happy to enroll both my kids here as they getpersonal attention , any art which is small r big the students get maximum encouragement and support."

Ms. Roshini

"One of the best institute I ever come cross. The teachers r so good and polite it helps all the beginners to come forward. Happy with their teaching."

Ms. Sindhu

​​​​"Ignite is a wonderful art school.It is driven with a lot of passion the way it is named. Shole is an excellent person and a very dedicated teacher. I am so glad that my daughter is under such excellent guidance."

Ms. Harini B

"IGNITE school lives up to its tag line......a place where one can pursue their passion for art in a warm and friendly environment. There's always something interesting and exciting happening here.Never a dull moment 🙂 "

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