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Nature of Business

Every Business organisation needs to provide the best services to their customers. In the process, they must ensure timely delivery of their services at the most effective cost. To make this possible, organisations must adopt digital technologies which can help in faster responses, lower cost and better reach.

Dvaitha Technologies, helps businesses to adopt Digital Technologies such as Networking, Security and Cloud by offering Products and Services at affordable costs. Dvaitha Technologies with 60 years of combined industry experience of its founders, can help organisations to scale their businesses and ensure smoother transition from traditional business model to Digitally Enabled Business.


Core Values of the Company:

Keep it Simple Respect All Always stay Relevant Build Trust Think & Act different


How to participate in the contest?

  1. Go through the name of the company, business profile and the core values.
  2. Create different designs which should reflect the Company’s Core values and the Brand Name.
  3. You can use any medium of your choice and scan the design and upload ONLY in PNG format with transparent background with a size of 600px X 600px.
  4. Digital Art is also accepted if it is an original art from the artist.
  5. You can upload from minimum One (1) to a maximum of Five (5) creative designs for the contest.
  6. Any logo which is not as per the specification given above will not be considered for the contest.
  7. Plagiarism is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and any design which is found to be copied from any other artist or from Internet will be disqualified.
  8. One MOST CREATIVE and RELEVANT design will be selected, and the MYSTERY CASH AWARD will be awarded to the Artist.
  9. All Participating Artists would be given Participation Certificates.
  10. Based on the Artist Profile and Validation, Participating Artists will be given opportunity to display their Art Works in the exhibitions conducted by ReIGNITE School of Passion in Future at a nominal cost.
  11. ReIGNITE School of Passion and Dvaitha Technologies P Ltd reserves its right to choose the best artwork and the decision of these two companies is FINAL.
  12. The Best Artwork Selected for CASH AWARD will be the Copyright of Dvaitha Technologies P Ltd, and the artist shall agree to give the copyright to the company upon receipt of the Cash Award.
  13. Last date of Submission is 6pm on 10th Oct 2023.

Register and upload your logo design

ONLY in PNG format with transparent background with a size of 600px X 600px


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